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Eat Your Way To Health Ebook.

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Kaaren Jordan - Eat Your Way to Health

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Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Ebook.

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Paperback.

Ageless Beauty

Now Available In Kindle

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Eileen Poole once said, "When you learn to choose the foods that are best for you, you honor yourself, not just physically, but on all levels."

"Eat Your Way To Health."

Healing Testimonials

Megan Golinova,

Megan Golinova

Kaaren has worked miracles for me on my health journey. I came to her after dealing with extreme allergies that made it impossible to sleep or feel good in my body. I also was struggling with an array of food allergies that the doctors scoffed at and their only solution was to put me on medication. I read her books many years ago and found the principals intriguing, but knew I had to bring my inner healing to the forefront and work with her directly. This was the best decision I made. After only a few weeks my migraines, joint pain, uncomfortable digestion issues were lifted. In the meantime of healing she provided Jin Shin Jyutsu to ease the pains. It worked so well.

I am a writer and actor and need to tap into my creativity as well as wear my business hat on the daily. I cannot afford to feel unwell while traveling for work or creating work at home. Through her help I’ve been able to trouble shoot with her in real time to make my lifestyle healthy and suitable for me.

Not only have my physical ailments been alleviated, but my emotional sensitives around food have been helped. When food is triggering, it’s difficult not to get stuck in a box of what’s “good.” I am learning through her mentorship that I am honoring my sensitivities and finding the remedies that work best for my unique being. I feel supported and understood–which is a far cry of where I’ve felt around traditional doctors who test me and find nothing seriously wrong so I am dismissed. I can’t thank Kaaren enough for already helping to get me on the right path now and I know that I will only go up from here! She is kind, caring, intuitive and truly knows her stuff. I am so grateful for her. She is a remarkable person and a fantastic healer.

Gleah Powers, Author and Founder of Powers Movement - Alternative Life Coaching :

Gleah Powers

In the past, Eileen Poole helped me with a critical health issue and last year, after having been out of touch with her, I knew I needed her help again. I was concerned when I found out she had retired and didn't think anyone could help me as much as Eileen had. I was referred to Kaaren Jordan. I was skeptical at first, but I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about Eileen and Dr. Beiler's work. I began working with Kaaren and lost 20 pounds, changed my eating habits and I feel so much better. Kaaren is very caring and really knows her stuff. No matter what question or concern I have, she has a suggestion or an idea about what to do. She is very available and always gets back to me right away.

Not only does she provide nutritional support, but she offers Jin Shin Jyutsu as well. The Jin Shin treatments, which I can do with her in person or long distance, have really helped me accelerate the process of breaking some of my bad eating and lifestyle habits. I was surprised that the long distance treatments were just as effective as having Kaaren's hands on me. I'm also able to do self-care Jin Shin, which I usually use at night, lying in bed.

Kaaren's work combining nutrition and Jin Shin is powerful and very effective. I highly recommend her and am grateful that she is carrying on the work of Eileen Poole and Dr. Beiler with her own style and approach, deep knowledge, intelligence and caring.

Heidi Jacobs

Heidi Jacobs, Vocal Coach -

I first met Kaaren when I was overwhelmed with many health issues. Feeling distressed and unsure if I would ever feel well again, I started a healthy nutrition diet plan Kaaren developed especially for me. She addressed every issue I was having and found solutions; she also found great ways to subsitute my favorite foods so I wouldn't feel deprived! After two weeks I started to feel mentally clear and more balanced. I soon experienced fabulous renewed energy and started losing weight that I had hoped for. I also had less inflammation and pain in my body which was invaluable to me. Kaaren also suggested I try the incredibly simple art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to help maintain my health. Soon, I was feeling very well and able to go out and get back into life again. In the years since my first incredible session with Kaaren I have continued to follow the guidelines she laid out for me and to reap the rewards. I truly have her to thank for my health. Thank you so much, Kaaren!

Donna & Gordon Jennings, Santa Maria, CA

Kaaren has helped both of us tremendously. The combination of her extensive nutritional knowledge and healthy diet plan, experience, and intuition along with her "healing hands" in Jin Shin Jyutsu cuts right to the core of what might be ailing a soul. She has helped us with hormonal imbalance, joint aches/pains, lack of energy, and emotional eating with her, and we would highly recommend her.

Christina Codazzi,

My body and my life have changed dramatically since Ive had Jin Shin Jyutsu with Kaaren. In person sessions and long distance healing sessions over the last couple of years have left me feeling more whole and centered than I have felt most of my life. Kaaren has given me the tools through her healthy nutrition diet plan and 'self help' and her innate wisdom to bring in balance and harmony within my own body. I feel better at the age of 42 than I did when I was 26!!! I know that with these tools I will only gain more health and balance as I 'mature'. Thank you, Kaaren!!!!"

Sonia Berezovsky -

Kaaren's recipe book was very inspiring for me personally, and I recommend it to my clients and also to my family.  The foreword is very positive and encouraging.  The recipes are creative and varied.  It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me to eat healthy nutrition and feel like I was not missing out on anything but getting spoiled by such great recipes.   This book is an investment in one's self.

Pam Johnson - Santa Maria, CA

Kaaren has given me a better quality of life and I am so very grateful. I would be in such a painful body without her help and life would be a lot harder for me. Words are almost inadequate to say how much her help means to me.

Two years ago I began treatment with Kaaren. I had a very painful Achilles tendon and I could only walk short distances and that was with a limp. It was getting to the point where I could only go on short shopping trips as it was too painful to walk for more than 20 minutes. The doctors agreed the only treatment was surgery. I decided that Kaaren was my last hope, that if it did not get better with her help then I would have the surgery. After approximately eight months of Kaaren's advice and healing treatments I no longer had heel pain and could go for my daily walks.

I also have had an emotional eating disorder of food addiction for over forty years. Following Kaaren's guidlelines I immediately lost ten pounds. I soon also realized that in following the food guidelines and alkalinizing my body that the inflammation went down and my heel pain was eliminated. I now realized the impact that food has on our bodies! By continuing to follow her guidelines I now maintain a healthy weight, and the incentive is so great for me to continue with the Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments that I cannot imagine living any other way.

I also have suffered from allergies, hay fever and severe sinus infections in the spring and fall for many years. But this last year when spring came around there was no trace of any sinus problem at all! Again here I credit Kaaren's healing treatments and advice as I truly did not realize the effect that food has on our bodies.

Mia Murphy - Dennee's of Santa Ynez -

I want to say how much Kaaren helped me to feel better and how I now have much more energy. I have much less anxiety by using her Jin Shin Jyutsu technique. Her nutrtional advice started helping me instantly and the techniques she taught me were so relaxing and they are easily done at home. I have recommended Kaaren, with full confidence, to many people I know that have various health issues. One of the people that I recommended her to was my mom, who has had a heart transplant. She has been seeing Kaaren for a couple of weeks and within one session my mom was up and feeling better.

Suzanne Copeland CH.t. DCH - Studio City

I had two serious dental surgeries within two months of each other this year and experienced excruciating pain before and after the procedures. After that I experienced what I call my nervous system being weakened. Everything bothered me, sounds, computer, T. V., phone conversations. Dealing with basic tasks would make me feel completetly overwhelmed. I felt i could not get anything done.

After receiving "The Touch Of Healing" book and doing the Trinity Flows and the 8 Mudras for two days I felt better and was less nervous. Then I received a session in person from Kaaren. After that session I felt like my old self again, able to multi task and deal with the energies of people with various issues on the phone and in person. I have not felt over whelmed since and feel my energy back to a good flow.

Jane Stanton - Newberg, OR

I live in Oregon and board and train horses for a living . I contacted Kaaren to help me fit my very round Arab gelding.. . That brings me to talking about Kaaren and her other phone service she helped me with . She sent me her cook book and advised me on some diet changes to help my bad back and allergies and I can honestly say she has changed my life . I no longer stiffen up over night and I can ride comfortably and work properly again . My allergies are much better too. She intuitively knew what I needed to change and her knowledge of nutrition is amazing . Then I got a second horse with saddle fitting issues of the opposite kind and Kaaren helped me find and fit a saddle for not only the horse but myself as well which was not easy as there are only a few styles I can ride in comfortably . I would highly recommend Kaaren as she is a very honest and thorough person with an incredible talent for healing , and saddle fitting for the horse and rider.

Jill Andreoni - Occupational Therapist, Studio City, CA

Kaaren's insight, intuition and knowledge have been invaluable in providing me with more energy and clarity...Kaaren's nutritional guidance and meal suggestions are practical and easy! The Jin Shin Jyutsu is healing, empowering and comforting; overall I feel more balance/harmony in all areas of my life!

Samantha Lassiter - Colorado Springs, CO

I had been battling an eating disorder for years when I met Kaaren. Counselors and dieticians could not help me and so my situation progressively became worse. I started to accept my struggle as a part of life. Kaaren offered her expertise in Jin Shin Jyutsu and nutritional counseling; I was willing to try anything. After six months of treatment I felt a heavy weight drop from my shoulders; after a year I felt free for the first time, in a long time. Kaaren taught me how to use Jin Shin Jyutsu at home and provided a nutrition plan that I was comfortable maintaining. My eating disorder does not have the power it once did. I enjoy spending hours in the kitchen preparing beautiful, healthy meals for myself and I use Jin Shin Jyutsu everyday.

Audrey Griffin - Santa Ynez, CA

Eating correctly for me is fantastic, no more gas and bloating. My neuropathy also got better when I eliminated sugar in all forms from my diet as Kaaren suggested. I now look forward to the Bieler's soup and the wonderful relaxing treatments from Kaaren's hands.

Crystal Garcia, Santa Ynez, Ca.

I’m a 46 year old mom of 5, with type ll diabetes. I started seeing Kaaren at the end of December, 2019 for nutritional help. At the time, my A1C was just over 10. By March, after making changes to my diet, based on Kaaren’s recommendations, my A1C had come down to just under 8 points and I had lost 12 pounds!

I also suffer from headaches, migraines and allergies. Kaaren was able to lessen the frequency of these episodes with Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions.

When the pandemic hit, I was able to continue my sessions with Kaaren through distance healing via phone. This helped me stay on track as well as reduce the stress and anxiety of worrying about Covid-19.

Her therapy has helped me gain a better understanding of what foods help me or hurt me. She taught me some Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques that I’ve applied in stressful situations as well as my bedtime routine, for a better night’s sleep.

I can’t thank her enough for giving me the tools I need to get my diabetes under control and be able to be taken off one of my medications by my endocrinologist. The Jin Shin therapy has made a tremendous difference in my sleep pattern and has helped reduce the need for sleep aids or anxiety meds.

I’ll be forever grateful for the knowledge Kaaren has shared!

Ruth Persky, Los Angeles, Ca.

Approximately seven years ago I started working with Kaaren on an arthritic ache in my right hip that would disturb my sleep several hours before awakening. In her first interview she asked me if there were any other problems I had, and I mentioned being 10 pounds overweight and an embarrassing problem with gas that would start after lunch and last until dinner.

Within 10 days of starting treatment, with just changes to my diet, I no longer had aching, the gas disappeared, and I started losing one and a half pounds a month. A year later and still on her diet but also using Jin Shin, I was still ache-free, no embarrassing gas, and 20 pounds lighter without feeling deprived, 5’ at 110 pounds. I’ve maintained most of her diet and Jin Shin suggestions and have only regained a few pounds and have remained gas-free.

My hip now, at age 85, is riding a three-wheeler and getting the best workout ever!

Michelle Kenny, Nipomo, Ca.
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An update 6 years working with Kaaren....

Kaaren Jordan has helped me and both of my dogs as a long distance Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and healer. Her long distance healing has improved my immune system to the point of remaining healthy in all flu seasons plus this Covid time.

A few years ago, during a trip to Berlin, Germany, I became congested plus a cough and fever. Kaaren was able to do a long distance healing with suggestions for supplements and homeopathy. I was better by the next morning and able to fly.

Both dogs have benefited from her help by way of solving and treating our dog's vestibular disease where his eyes were wobbly as well as his legs. Once again he was better by the next day.

Our other dog needed eye removal surgery. Kaaren helped by negating the negative effects of the sedation and helped the healing process go very smoothly.

Kaaren is committed to health, happiness and healing others through her Jin Shin Jyutsu.


"Kaaren's knowledge, insight and intuition have guided me to healthy nutritional choices. I have been a client since the late '80's. Kaaren has also helped me with jin shin (acupressure), a valuable tool that promotes well being and good health."

Letters of Recomendation

Dr. Joel Garry Silbar, D.C. - Tarzana, CA

I have known Kaaren Johansen for many years. The exercise programs she has taught to my patients have had great results and I highly recommend her services to enhance your patient compliance to exercise.

Doralee Waadt, D.C. - Sherman Oaks, CA

Kaaren has been a valuable asset to my practice. My patients have had very good results working with her. Her individual exercise programs and personal coaching techniques have given my patients a better understanding of their own body mechanics. Her capabilities are many and her caring attitude shows in all her work. I recommend her highly for health fitness as well as health food programs.

Marilynn Snow Jones, D.C.
Darlbnl Knowles, D.C.
- Calabasas, CA

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for Kaaren Marie Johansen.

During the time Kaaren worked in my office, I found her to be a very capable and dedicated individual. She can and enjoys working on her own, utilizing her expertise in health fitness and her knowledge of health food.

Kaaren demonstrated an understanding of the individual needs of patients and was very precise and clear in explaining her instructions to them for their particular condition.

I would highly reccomend Kaaren for any position, as well as have her back in our office.

Hillary Smith, D.C. - Tarzana, CA

Kaaren Johansen has been a valuable resource in my practice. Her knowledge of nutrition and biomechanics is impressive and she does a great job devising exercise and/or coaching programs for individual patients.

Along with these capabilities Kaaren is a caring, inspiring person and the patients love her.

Duane Law, C.A. - Los Angeles, CA

I am an acupuncturist and have practiced in West Los Angeles for the last eight years. I'm writing you to recommend the services of my associate, Kaaren Jordan.

Kaaren is one of an unusual breed: she is a nutritionist who specializes in the dietary treatment of chronic degenerative and functional complaints. In my experience, many nutritionists prefer to avoid the difficulties involved in educating and retraining patients to feed themselves better. Many patients don't want to undertake the changes in their routines necessary to address their conditions through diet. However, for those who do, Ms. Jordan's work can be invaluable.

I have utilized her services as a consultant: when a patient is motivated she will identify nutritional problems and solutions, create menus, and even teach people how to cook! She uses acupressure to help her clients through the inevitable changes that dietary work entails, and to support therapeutic interventions performed by other professionals.

Again, not every patient is ready for this. But in cases where patients are prepared to learn how their everyday habits contribute to their complaints and are ready to undertake a course of profound change, her advice and support are invaluable.

Daniel G. Vaughn, L.Ac. - Burbank, CA

Ms. Jordan possesses an impressive depth of understanding of both Eastern and Western nutrition. She effectively maintains a current knowledge of the field.

While Ms. Jordan demonstrates a high level of responsiveness to the concerns and inquiries of patients, her consultations are efficient, thorough and professional in presentation. She communicates her recommendations in a clear and concise manner to both the layperson and the physician.

Ms. Jordan's services have proven a valuable addition to my medical therapies and have resulted in improved service and recovery.

I recommend Kaaren Jordan without reservation.

Lynne Pflueger, certified Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor - San Rafael, CA

I am writing on behalf of Kaaren Jordan. Kaaren and I met in 2002 when she organized a class for me. The class was designed to teach students bow to give Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments to animals. We had a wide range of subjects, including three horses, several dogs, a desert tortoise with a chroic lung project, and one cat. The horses were at first shy about receiving their morning treatment, hesitant to be the first in line. By the afternoon, the three of them were jostling one another at the gate to be the first in line. Each dog was eager, the tortoise co-operative, and the cat allowed us to be graced by her participation. We repeated the class six months later in 2003.

I was impressed with Kaaren' s knowledge, experience, and handling of animals. She demonstrates a non invasive manner, an understanding of each animal's mood, and shows them respect and love.

Since 2003, we have continued a relationship with one another as student and teacher. We have had ongoing and frequent consultation and mentorship in regard to using Jin Shin Jyustu on both animals and people. In my view she is very competent and knowledable as a practitioner.

Regarding my own credibility, I have studied and practiced JSJ continuiously since 1979, and have taught classes since 1993.

Timothy T. Schultz, D.O. - Santa Barbara, CA

I have known Kaaren Jordan since 2000. I am familiar with her practice of nutrition, bodywork and acupressure and have received therapeutic treatment from her during that time period.

She conducted herself in a professional, conscientious manner and was sensitive to her clients best medical interests.

John Hannon, D.C. - San Luis Obispo, CA

I believe Kaaren Jordan is eminently qualified for licensure in the State of Oregon. She has maintained a practice for 23 years here in California. She has trained extensively in anatomy, biomechanics and specific Oriental Bodywork techniques such as Jin Shin Jyu Tsu, Jin Shin Do and therapies . I have known her for four years and I have been impressed with her professionalism and her deep understanding of the body. In addition, she is a compassionate therapist, a good listener and able to give wise counsel.

I encourage you to consider her for licensure in Oregon.

Robert S. Patterson, D.C., CCSP, - CSU Northridge, CA

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Kaaren Jordan, CMT, HHP who I have known professionally for twenty six years.

I first came in contact with Kaaren in 1986. I saw her on recommendation of a mutual friend for some intestinal issues I was having at that time. More recently I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. With Kaaren's nutritional guidance and the application of Jin-Shin-Jyutsu I am now asymptomatic and have much more energy.

I have not found anyone to have Kaaren's knowledge of Nutrition and Physiology. This coupled with her foundation in Jin-Shin-Jyutsu make her a very powerful healer. Kaaren works very cooperatively with other providers and refers when appropriate.

I know when I refer a patient to Kaaren, that patient's well being is of upmost importance to her. I have yet to find any health practitioner with Kaaren's ethics.

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