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Eat Your Way To Health Ebook.

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Kaaren Jordan - Eat Your Way to Health

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Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Ebook.

Ageless Beauty From The Inside Out Paperback.

Ageless Beauty

Now Available In Kindle

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Eileen Poole once said, "When you learn to choose the foods that are best for you, you honor yourself, not just physically, but on all levels."

"Eat Your Way To Health."

E-Book Table of Contents:

Chapter 1

- Food, Health & Disease
- A toxic body is a root cause of many common ailments
- What causes a toxic body?
- The cure for a toxic body
- Why are supplements not working?
- Too many vitamins and supplements can cause problems
- How does stress help create a toxic body?
- The wise use of drugs
- Proper foods help no matter what else you do

Chapter 2

- Diet/Low Fat Products Can Cause Problems

Chapter 3

- Food Sensitivities

Chapter 4

- What to Eat & What Not to Eat

Chapter 5

- Other Toxins To Avoid

Chapter 6

- Psychological & Emotional Factors
- Nutrition Guide

Chapter 7

- Exercise & Other Self Healing Techniques

Chapter 8

- The Daily Body Feedback Journal

Chapter 9

- Simply Delicious Recipes

Chapter 10

- Sample Menus

Chapter 11

"Falling Off the Wagon" & "Putting It All Together"

Book Exerpts:

Chapters 1-3

Chapters 4-6

Chapters 7-11

Sample Topics:

... should be used sparingly, as they are a highly concentrated food and tend to congest the system if done to excess. Mayonnaise, butter (which is preferable to margarine), oils, coconut, nuts, nut and seed butters, and seeds all fall into this category . . . for adults in good health, 1 - 2 Tbls of added fat can be included daily if you eat animal protein, and 3 - 4 Tbls of added fat daily it you are vegan . . . oils oxidize and become rancid when exposed to heat and/or light . . .

Cholesterol... is the mother of all hormones. Specifically it is a fat-soluble steroid that is the basis for all steroid hormones. It is also a very important component of the brain, as it is part of the myelin sheath that protects nerves and nerve impulse propagation. Therefore it makes sense that if your levels are too low, both your hormone balance and brain function suffer. . . it is not bad and is in fact both important and necessary. . . where problems begin is when the relationship between the different types becomes unbalanced . . . the two molecules are high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL). Now the mere presence of HDL and LDL is fine, but bad things start to happen when HDL levels get too low. This is because HDL protects the more fragile LDL from being oxidized (made rancid). If the LDL oxidizes, then arterial plaque that clogs arteries is usually the result.

So what can you do to keep this from happening? Simple, eat more . . . in humans, a large portion of our cholesterol is synthesized in the liver from sugars and only a small amount comes from dietary fats . . .

Proper Food Combining Recipes for Good Digestion. . . Eating foods in proper combination is very important in supporting optimal health. The following are some guidelines . . . it is best to combine only one type of protein at a time per meal . . .

Salt . . . fresh vegetables, proteins, grain and fruits provide all the natural sodium necessary for balance within the body. All forms of salt (i.e., sea salt, miso, tamari, and soy sauce) should be used with a very light hand and cooked into foods, not added at the table. It is best to use these condiments for special occasions . . . so why do we eat it and why are so many people hooked on it? Quite simply the answer is that it is a stimulant (see adrenal fatigue) . . .

Trans Fatty Acids . . . are formed when fats and oils are hydrogenated. During this process hydrogen molecules are added to polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils, which then creates semisolid shortenings or margarines. The bad news here is that this modification makes the fat very difficult to digest. Furthermore many studies have now proven that these trans fatty acids unbalance the cholesterol in the blood which in turn leads to a variety of problems.

Harmful Food Additives to Avoid . . . glutamates are commonly found in the vast majority of prepared foods, even health food brands. Toxicologists point out that glutamates are neuro-toxins and are harmful to everyone. The following is a partial list of many types of glutamates: MSG, Accent, autolyzed yeast, ajinomoto, aspartame . . .

Skin Exposure . . . your skin is the largest organ in your body and is also part of your “intake” system. This means that whatever you come into physical contact with can enter you system thorough your skin because skin is permeable. So it makes sense to be as careful here . . . there are some other toxic chemicals that are not as obvious hiding in cosmetics, shampoos and skin lotions. The following is a partial list with short descriptions . . .

Human Made EMF Exposure . . . Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) are all around us, especially those of us who live in dense urban areas. Science is trying to determine exactly how Human Made EMF affects people but it is generally conceded that too much Human Made EMF is quite harmful to any living organic being. At its very worse it can promote cancer and at its least it can be a stress producing irritant . . .